Ayurvedic massage is a great way to relax and detoxify your body and mind. It is performed using oils infused with medicinal herbs. The oils are selected according to your type and current needs.

The techniques that we use are a combination of traditional styles from Kerala and Sri-Lanka with elements of Tibetan and Swedish massage.

We are currently offering two types of massage treatments: short (45 minutes) and long (90 minutes).

Short sessions are recommended to have on a regular basis, to

It can be a full body massage or it can be concentrated on a problematic area.

Long session are useful when addressing a specific problem and allow to achieve a deeper relaxation.







Diet and lifestyle consulation (initial)

In one hour, we will look into your disorder in detail and suggest some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. Most adjustments include the usage of OTC herbs&spices but specific herbs may also be prescribed.



Diet and lifestyle consulation (follow-up)

Restoring balance might take a while, so once you start incorporating suggested changes in your daily life and depending on your responce to the treatment, further adjustments might be introduced. Please note, our main goal is to teach you to understand your balance and imbalance as soon as possible, so that you can incorporate this knowledge in your daily life.


Other services

Talks, short courses and lectures are available upon request.


Consultations are available in English, Russian or Dutch and can also be conducted via Skype or Facetime.